Monday, June 20, 2016

Monsoon.Express on College Hill

Today I tried the Monsoon.Express on College Hill. It's been open for a couple months, but it's taken me a minute to get over there even though it's in my neighborhood. I shouldn't have waited.

I remember back when this location was the Boca Cafe, and although I was sad to see it go, I'm also glad to see a new restaurant open. I like the College Hill area and hope it continues to thrive. As a Washburn University graduate, I spent a lot of time in the College Hill neighborhood, eating at the Burger Stand and checking out the Pizza Pub when it first opened. Plus, it's close to my home and that's always a plus.

Although it's called "Express" implying carryout or on-the-go eating, there are booths and a couple tables to sit at if you so choose.

The menu is pretty simple. The Tikka Tacos were the first item on the menu and stood out to me because I love tacos. Who really doesn't? I have yet to meet that person. The fact that these were tacos and not Mexican tacos had me intrigued, so I went for it. I love chicken tikka masala and that is usually what I get when ordering from an Indian restaurant for the first time. Usually, you can't go wrong with this item, but I knew from the original Monsoon Grill on Wanamaker, their tikka masala is always good.

If you aren't into tacos, there are other options. Biryani bowls are on the menu and their Express Box. The box is probably the most popular because you choose 2-3 entree items and it's served with jasmine rice and some naan bread.

But, as I said before, I got the Tikka Tacos. Soft flour tortillas, stuffed with chicken tikka masala, lettuce, sour cream and a spicy salsa of some sort. I enjoyed my choice. I had to eat it slowly because I'm sensitive to spicy foods, but have found that I like spicy as long as I take my time. The tikka is kind of a light curry with cumin, garam masala, coriander and yogurt. Garam masala is used in many Indian dishes -- it's a blend of many spices and varies by region. That's probably what was causing the heat. These tacos were pretty messy, so don't wear a white shirt like I did. Luckily, I didn't get any on my shirt, but I did get it all over my face and hands and it was a mess. I'd still order it again, though.

I'm hoping they start delivery soon, so I can sit at home and order it while watching a movie or whatever. I think that's in their plans, or so I have seen from their Facebook page.

If you are scared to try Indian food, I'd recommend trying Monsoon Express. Go get the Express.Box and try a couple entrees with rice and bread. the price isn't bad, only $7, which is better than going to a sit-down restaurant and spending over $10 on one entree you may not like. Monsoon Grill on Wanamaker also has a buffet where you pay a set amount and could try multiple menu items. Either way, go check it out and give it a shot.