Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Palette Restaurant

Tucked inside Trampo-Lazer-Rockball Park is the Palette Restaurant. When I heard about this place I was skeptical, it just seemed unlikely that the food would be anything more than nachos and hotdogs. I was way off base.

Pizza dip with pretzel sticks
When I walked in, I was surprised at how nicely the tables were set, each with a bright colored flower in a green vase and modern looking black dining tables and chairs. The walls are a turquoise color and contrast nicely with the black tables and chairs and flowery rugs on the floor. Linen napkins were used, so I figured it would be a little nicer menu than places that have paper napkins. 

Fried PB&J and French fries
For an appetizer, my friend and I ordered the pizza dip, which is served with fried pretzel sticks. The pizza dip has cream cheese, pepperoni, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, onion and green pepper. The cheese was stringy, the pretzel sticks soft-but-crispy and the onion and green pepper didn't bother me because there weren't many. I loved the pretzel sticks because they were crispy on the outside but fluffy inside and I could wrap the mozzarella around the stick and eat it easily that way. It was basically a deconstructed pizza, so it was greasy, but I expected it to be because it's pizza. It has to have some grease.

For my entree, I wanted something a little different so I went for the Fried PB&J with French fries.
I'm pretty happy I went for it because it was the best new something I've had in a long time. Texas toast prepared like French toast, dredged in Frosted Flake Crumbles and deep fried all with peanut butter and jelly inside.  The crunchy, sweet Frosted Flake Crumbles was my favorite part along with the jelly and peanut butter. The sandwich was drizzled with honey and tasted like dessert. That's my kind of entree! The French fries are the thin cut fries and a nice and crispy.

Top: Parmeson, Middle: Sticky
Honey Garlic, Bottom: BBQ
Wednesdays are the nights to get 50 cent wings. There are various flavors and I tried three. I already had enough to eat with an entree and appetizer, but I figured I could at least try a few for as cheap as they were.  I ordered sticky honey garlic, parmesan and bbq. The parmesan was my favorite because it was more of a dry wing that was seasoned and topped with parmesan cheese. The bbq was bbq, and not bad, but I wasn't a fan of the sauce they used. My least favorite was the honey garlic. Something about the sweet honey and the bitter garlic didn't mix well and left a weird aftertaste in my mouth. When I told the waitress which ones I liked and disliked she said nobody ever likes the sticky honey garlic, so maybe stay away from those all together. I would order the parmesan wings again and plan to return on a Wednesday to tear some up.

The best part about the wings? They let you order just one wing if that's what you want. As you can see, I ordered three, one of each flavor I thought looked interesting. That was cool.

Overall, I was impressed with this place, hiding away inside an arcade/lazer tag/and so much more place. I just wasn't expecting the lovely meal I had, not to mention the great service, too.  I will be back soon.