Friday, February 10, 2012

Post#1- Burger Stand

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I went to the Burger Stand at College Hill last night and had a wonderful experience. I chose the Kobe burger with pickled red onion and truffle butter, which I of course, ordered medium. The pickled onion was bright purple and tasted sweet with the smokiness of the burger and the richness of the truffle butter - altogether the burger was pretty scrumptious.
My husband got the Black and Blue burger with Maytag blue cheese and a granny smith apple chutney, ordered medium. If you don't like blue cheese don't get this one, there is a substantial amount of it on this burger. The apple chutney contrasts it well because it's sweet, and my husband I both agreed they should add some of those pickled red onions to it. 
We ordered a basket of regular French fries, and beer-battered onion rings, and I couldn’t stop eating either. The fries were crispy, salty and perfectly golden and the onion rings were crispy and beer-y and juicy on the inside. I couldn’t complain about anything - well except that the pickle on the side wasn't dill and that's what I was expecting.
We tried a little bit of every different sauce they had, including the chipotle-cocoa ketchup, parmesan-roasted garlic aioli, and guajillo-chili dip; they had more but I am not going to list them all.
Of course you pay a little extra for all this yumminess, but if you want cheap, go get cheap at McDonald's. But if you are looking for something more than a Whopper or Big Mac, check out Burger Stand at College Hill.

Here's a link to their menu: