Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hanover revisited

 I went to Hanover's this morning and overall had a good experience. There were a few items worth noting, though, and hence this post.

In the past, I wrote about how great the French toast is there. Today, it wasn't the best and I could hardly eat all of it. Actually, I didn't eat all of it, even though I could have. It was smothered in powdered sugar and so much cinnamon I tasted nothing else. Even in the photo you can see how much cinnamon was poured on.

Also, my sister ordered a breakfast platter, which came with some of the most pathetic sausage links I've ever seen.  When she cut into them, the skin cracked and the meat was dry and chewy. Gross.

Other than that, the food was good. We waited about 25 minutes on our food, but, it was 11:30 on a Sunday morning. Of course you're going to wait for breakfast on a Sunday morning.

I ordered the sausage and egg bowl and it was good. No complaints there.

I've been to Hanover's many times and have had great food, so I plan to return. This time, there were just a few things worth noting. That sausage was pretty awful and I thought you'd like to know.