Friday, November 23, 2012

photos from restaurants I have eaten at recently

College Hill Pizza Pub

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 So I have been hearing a lot about the new pizza place that opened up on College Hill a couple weeks ago. I finally decided to check it out today and was impressed with my food.

Walking in the pub definitely has a bar feel to it, with mini flat screens at every booth and larger ones stationed around the room. You can asked for the channel to be changed but most of the TVs are tuned into sports so if you want to watch a certain game, no matter, you will see it.

You go to the bar and tell the cook what sauce, toppings and cheese you want on your 10" personal pizza. That is the only size they offer at this point, and is enough to feed one person, maybe two depending on how hungry you are. The price starts at $5 for one topping and costs an additional $.50 per extra veggie and $.75 per extra meat or cheese.

For my first pizza I decided to go basic, despite the various ingredients they offer. What amazed me was the options available -- they weren't your run-of-the-mill basic pizza toppings. They had those too, but in addition I noticed lamb, chorizo, beef franks and meatballs. Their sauces were notable as well including refried beans, chipotle pesto and nacho cheese. I wanted to get a pizza I already knew I liked, so I chose the chunky marinara sauce, pepperoni, ground beef, cherry tomatoes and the three cheese blend.

I only waited 10-15 minutes for my pizza. It comes served in its own pizza box with styrofoam plates and parmesan cheese and dried red pepper on the tables. I used a little of the parmesan to soak up the small amount of grease on the top of the pizza, but there really wasn't much.

Everything about the pizza was good, the sauce, the meat and the cheese, there was just enough of it. The crust was fluffy yet crunchy and chewy at the same time. The portion of meat was generous, and the pepperoni was so good, it seemed fresh, like the kind you get in the deli.

Located at 1418 SW Lane, it's within walking distance of Washburn's campus and close to many other awesome businesses located at College Hill. The only downfall I could notice was they didn't offer a student discount, and if they did, it wasn't posted anywhere. I plan to go back sometime soon to try some of their different ingredients and sauces, and I recommend checking it out for yourself.