Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Taste of Wichita

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I visited Wichita for a Kansas Collegiate Media conference last weekend and the first place I ate was definitely worth noting.
My group and I wanted lunch somewhere near, and Old Town was near. I Google searched for restaurants in the area and found River City Brewing Company. It was the second or third place that came up, then the lady at the front desk had a list of recommended places to eat and it was at the top, as well.
The place was pretty cool and I enjoyed the way it was set up. The bar in the middle with tables and booths all around. The walls featured the names of their beers and what they tasted like, daily specials and various flatscreen televisions. Everything was made out of thick, reddish wood, which made it feel welcoming and pub-like.
The menu includes soups, salads, seafood, steaks, pizzas and sandwiches. Since I was only visiting I could only sample a limited number of dishes, but the ones I did try were worth ordering again some time.
I started off with chips and salsa because I wanted the fish tacos for my entree and wanted to keep the theme going. The salsa was homemade and the menu claimed it was "fire roasted" and the taste and texture reflected just that. The chips were fried in-house and overall I was happy with them. Much better than Pace picante sauce, that's for sure.
I enjoyed my grilled fish tacos even though I was expecting a hard taco and received a soft shell, it was tasty. The chipotle cream sauce was just spicy enough for me but if you are sensitive to heat you might ask for this on the side. The fish was grilled and not crumbly - it held together well and didn't fall out of the taco, which I have had a lot of grilled fish tacos that do that. There was a ton of avocado, which I love, and it was topped with lettuce and queso fresco, (white cheese). The rice that was served as the side was okay. It had a hint of nutmeg that I can't say I appreciated because nutmeg isn't my favorite spice. There wasn't too much that I couldn't eat the rice, but I didn't eat it all. I ate every last bite of my fish tacos, though.
Everything my friends ordered looked good and they all enjoyed their meals. We ordered a beer sampler and tried a few of the beers they make there. I am not a beer critic but I liked most of the light colored beers but I am not a fan of dark beers. It seemed to me that their beer was quality and would recommend checking it out the next time you are in Wichita.
Here is their menu: http://www.rivercitybrewingco.com/rcbmenu.pdf