Friday, March 9, 2012

Post #4 - Bradley's Corner Cafe

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If you are searching for the best breakfast in Topeka, you can stop looking now. In the heart of the North Topeka Arts District, Bradley’s Corner Café is the best spot for home cooked anything-and-everything. From any kind of omelets, to breakfast sandwiches to corned beef hash, Bradley’s knows how to do it right. I have been going there for 3 plus years and have yet to have a bad experience, or anything less than superb.
            The service staff is friendly, quick and also part of the family that owns the restaurant, which adds to why I love it even more – it’s local. Every time I go there, it’s packed and seating is limited, but it’s worth the wait, and usually you don’t have to wait too long. The walls are painted in bright yellow, and faux brick, with various Southwestern styled decorations, cactuses and cute vintage signs. The booths and tables are worn from much use, like I said, it’s always packed, and add to that home-style café thing they got going on.
            The food is the best part. It’s exactly what you would expect of a small café in Topeka, Kans. I don’t come to a café to be surprised by the food, and since they do it right, it’s exactly what I want on Saturday or Sunday mornings.
My first favorite was the chicken fried steak, and it was actually the first thing I ever ate at Bradley’s. It was the best chicken fried steak I had ever had, hands down – and still is today. The gravy is home made sausage gravy, and the meat is breaded and fried fresh as well. It comes with hash browns, two eggs and choice of toast, pancakes or biscuits. The toast is toast, the pancakes are fluffy, and the biscuits are where it’s at. The biscuits and gravy are an excellent choice because the biscuits are homemade as well, and that just can’t be beat.
            My new favorite, which I ordered the last time I was there, is the Special Omelet, but minus the peppers and onions. It has sausage, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, green and red bell peppers, onions, and American cheese and Swiss cheese melted on top. This monster comes served with hash browns and choice of toast, pancakes or a biscuit, and you will lucky to fit it all in your belly in one sitting. The omelet is always cooked just right, with crispy-not-burnt hash browns, and I switch it up every time with the bread choice.
            This café is priced reasonably as well, and is worth checking out.