Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quinton's Serves A Surprisingly Tasty Burger

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 I've been to Quinton's many times but I have only ordered food a couple times -- I think three.

I checked it out the other night with some friends and has an alright experience.

I always like to get an appetizer and that night I was pretty hungry so I wanted soup and an app. The waitress apparently didn't understand the concept of appetizers because I had to explain it to her, while she was looking at my friends with confusion. After I told her I wanted a bread bowl of potato soup she immediately walked away and my husband had to call her back so he could order his wings. I think she may be used to people coming in for drinks and not people eating a meal.
Bread bowl potato soup.

The soup was creamy and cheesy, but I remembered my complaint from the first time I ordered it -- there isn't enough. I realize they have portion sizes I just wish they would take out more of the bread and put more soup in because I don't eat much of the bread. Plus, the soup is yummy so of course I wanted more -- they should take that as a compliment.

I ordered a burger, but not their plain, regular, boring burger. I got their Bistro Burger. I must say I was impressed. I wasn't expecting to get what I got, but in a good way. The burger has a green apple slaw, pickled red onion, smoke Gouda cheese, baby greens and Quinton's special honey mustard sauce. They even asked me how I would like my burger cooked - medium. The flavors blended well and so did the textures. The soft burger and bun with the crunchy slaw and greens went well together, and the melty Gouda cheese and pickled red onion held it all together. The green apple slaw contrasted with the honey mustard and Gouda to complete a flavor balance that I loved. I ate the entire thing. My only complaint was that there was a little too much sauce and my bun was soggy, making it difficult to eat.

The French fries were incredibly disappointing. My husband loved them but I thought they were overdone, hard and too crispy for me to enjoy. I think they were just overcooked, as opposed to just being bad fries. I bet they would be good if they were cooked the way I like them to be.

Prices at Quinton's are typical and they run drink specials. Usually, if you go at night it's more of a party scene, especially on the weekends. The atmosphere is that of a bar and mostly young college students or business partners grabbing a beer hang out there.

For their menu CLICK HERE.

Although it's not the first place to come to my mind when someone asks me where I want to eat, I do plan to return in the future.