Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Taste of The U.K.: Webb's Sandwich Bar - Mildenhall, Suffolk England

Today, while visiting my sister in the U.K., I tried a little cafe called Webb's Sandwich Bar. The town of Mildenhall is kinda small and full of shops and places to eat different types of food including Thai, sushi, a couple places to get fish and chips and I even saw a KFC. My sister and I were early for an appointment so we were just going to stop for a cup of coffee real quick, but when we saw the menu we decided we wanted to try some food.

Part of my intrigue came from having to ask the waitress what a "Bowl and bap" was because even though I could figure out what a bowl was, I asked the server but I also had to ask what a bap was. Apparently, it's a roll of bread slathered with butter or margarine for dipping or just to eat however you want. So, out of curiosity I ordered it and a cappuccino. I was not disappointed.

The cappuccino came first and I think it was probably the best cappuccino I've had in my life. Mostly because after I drink an entire one I'm usually so caffeined out and jittery it's not worth it. Also, this just seemed so creamy and the espresso flavor was just right. What I found interesting was the sucralose tablets they have for sweetener. The tablets dissolve pretty quickly and I felt like they were just a sweet as a packet of the yellow stuff at home back in the States, but for some reason I've never seen them in that form and I thought they were neat so I used them. That's really the only reason I went for those as opposed to the other options that were available like plain white sugar or brown sugar.

Not long after, our lunch came. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the soup because I really wasn't sure how I was going to like it. The soup of the day was a curried chicken and chickpea soup. I must be honest that I'm not usually a big fan of curried foods but I was so cold this morning that I needed something to warm me up so I got the soup and I figured I was down to try something new. The soup was creamy and mostly pureed with a few whole chickpeas floating around and shredded chicken. It was a yellow curry and pretty mild but there was enough of it there to know it was curry. But with the chickpeas and the chicken, curry wasn't the only flavor I noticed, which is much appreciated. I also liked that the chickpeas were pureed but left a little chunky so there was some texture along with the shredded chicken.

I told the waitress how I enjoyed it and she told me the chef makes a different soup daily and the flavor is posted on their Facebook page each morning.  If they're all this good, I want to try them every day. I definitely plan on returning a few times before I go home.