Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recent food I have eaten

Look forward to my review on Mad Eliza's, a new cupcake shop on Wanamaker.

One can expect to find yumminess at LaRocca's

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LaRocca's surprised me with awesome pizza and mozzarella sticks. The service was great too. The people that worked there were friendly and willing to accommodate their guests. I noticed the owner working right alongside the employees. The husband runs the second location on Gage and his wife runs the original location on Urish Road. I went to the one on Gage.

Not only did the service impress me, so did the food. I loved the mozzarella sticks because they were baked, not deep-fat fried like most, and they didn't take forever, either. Five come with an order and they are accompanied by marinara sauce or ranch dressing - I chose marinara sauce. The pizza was a small meat lovers without the beef, because my friend doesn't like beef. I personally would have been happy with the beef, but you know how that goes.

Anyway, Larocca's offer much more than just pizza. What caught my eye were the baked sandwiches, called submarines. I am looking forward to trying one of those soon. Additionally, lasagna, spaghetti, cannoli and salads are offered on their menu. It's a pretty standard Italian menu with no big surprises and everything I have tried has been good. I plan to return for one of their submarine sandwiches and maybe some lasagna.

If you want to check out their menu, it's available on their website,, and their Facebook page, where you can find more photos and information about the place.  I look forward to returning and maybe even driving across town to the one on Urish Road.