Monday, September 3, 2012

Fryer Shack!!!

View Larger Map I recently came across this awesome place near my house called the Fryer Shack.

            The name says exactly what the place is, a shack. The walls are made of metal, there is a single-unit air conditioner and there is extremely limited seating. With a bar area for four or five people to sit, two booths and two small tables, it’s pretty crowded and definitely feels like one is standing in an actual shack. Fortunately the day I chose to go was cool outside so it was bearable to sit out in their patio area.
            Each day, the Fryer Shack posts on their Facebook page their available specials. Then what you need to do is tell the cashier which five-dollar deal you want. They don’t even charge extra for sales tax so it comes out to five dollars even. This time, I chose the pulled chicken sandwich and curly fries, which also came with a fountain drink. I just don’t think you can beat that.
            When I received my meal it came in a little red basket, overfilled with curly fries. They also offer a variety of other sides, including sweet potato fries, onion rings and fried dill pickle bites. The sandwich was a decent size and comes with pickles and barbeque sauce, which I thought was sweet with a touch of spiciness. The curly fries looked strange to me, but tasted pretty amazing. They are crispy and curly but aren’t like your typical curly fries that have some sort of seasoning on them. These were normal French fries but curly. I liked them better than McDonald’s fries.
            I was impressed when I left the first time and decided I needed to return to try other menu items. During my second go-round I ordered the number two, which is a single cheeseburger with all the fixings. I already knew I loved the curly fries so I wanted to give something else a chance. I chose the fried dill pickles and wasn’t disappointed. Most fried pickles are greasy and sometimes the batter is all wrong and falls right off the pickles. These, on the other hand, weren’t greasy at all and the batter held up well to the pickles. The portion was large and I could not eat all of them.
            One thing that caught my eye on their menu is their hot dogs. They use all beef hot dogs and deep fry them, then top them with interesting ingredients. Usually you can get the hot dog meal for less than five dollars, and it is served with a side and a drink. I will definitely be returning to try one of the hot dogs, or the deep-fried burger.
         Go check it out and let me know what you think. The Fryer Shack is located at 1221 SW Huntoon Street.