Friday, March 2, 2012

Post #3 - Chez Yasu

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Right down 17th Street from Washburn's campus is one of the best restaurants in town, Chez Yasu. Every time I have been there I am pleased, and the food is always cooked perfectly. The price may be a little high, but it's worth it because everything is made from fresh ingredients, and made to order. 
The food is classical French cuisine. Escargot, calamari and scallops can all be found on this menu. I ordered the calamari, and if you are expecting fried calamari, you have another thing coming. They sauté the squid in a lemon butter cream sauce, with mushrooms and green onion stalks. The legs were tender while the rings were a little tough but normal for calamari. The sauce was so good I wanted to drink what was left - but I had to save room for my entrée.
I ordered the beef medallions and mushrooms in red wine cream sauce, which is served with a salad. The salad is plain and simple, but good. It consists of romaine lettuce with their special house dressing, which I couldn't find out exactly what the dressing was. Every person I asked just simply stated that it was a house-made dressing - not very helpful. It's creamy, but not as creamy as a Caesar dressing, but it kind of looks like Caesar dressing. It's got a light flavor of lemon and it pairs nicely with the romaine. 
The beef medallions came cooked medium, in a delicious red wine sauce, with mushrooms. The thing about French cuisine is it's heavy in sauces, and if you don't like sauce, you probably won't like the dish - that being said, this sauce was amazing, just like every other sauce I have tried there. Every entree comes with the vegetable of the day, and today was sugar snap peas and baby carrots - a favorite of Chef Yasu. They are always cooked perfectly as well, and I could eat a whole entree of the baby carrots, which are glazed in what seems to be brown sugar and butter.
By the time I finished what I could, I had no interest in dessert – I was full.  The dessert menu is low priced and includes crème brulee, gateau chocolat, napoleon, and gateau fromage. Since I didn’t order any of these, I am not sure what they are like, but going off the rest of the menu, I am sure they are delectable. Plus they only cost $3.95 each.
I will definitely be returning to this restaurant and I recommend it for your romantic night out, or even lunch with friends or for business meetings.