Monday, October 14, 2013

Marco's Pizza offers pizza and a movie

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A new pizza place opened up in town, but it’s not your typical pizzeria. Marco’s Pizza is right next to Family Video and is also owned by the same company. What I thought was cool about this place is the two businesses work hand-in-hand — providing deals for pizza and a movie, as well as offering to return your movie that’s due after they drop your pizza off.
When I walked in, I noticed the window in between Family Video and Marco’s. You can order from Family Video, if you want, while you are looking for a movie. There are a couple tables if you want to dine in, but that area isn’t too big because, I assume, most people will be taking their pizza home with the movie they rent. What’s cool is if you get a large pizza they give you a free 5-night movie rental. Now, these movies aren’t the new releases, just the ones that have the sticker that shows a 5-night and a 1-night rental on it. Some movies are on the New Release wall, but not all of them.
Marco’s Pizza offers a pretty normal selection of pizza, salads and fresh baked subs. They make their dough fresh, from scratch every day and never use frozen cheese like many pizza places do. I was surprised they make the dough from scratch — not many places do.
I ordered the Chicken Fresco pizza which comes with 4 types of cheese, grilled chicken, bacon, onions and slices of tomatoes. Something I don’t remember offered at other places are their free crust toppers — butter garlic, parmesan and roma. The person taking my order said the best way is to get all three, so that’s what I did. The pizza was tasty — I enjoyed the large chunks of chicken and the fact that the onions were cut smaller, this way they were fully cooked and not crunchy – I am not a fan of raw onion especially on my pizza. The crust was good but nothing too special and the addition of the crust toppers made it exceptional. This pizza was not greasy, so I appreciated that.
I also ordered some Cheezy Bread, which I assumed would just be normal cheese sticks. I could taste the variety of cheeses and the added seasoning. They use the parmesan and roma crust toppers on the Cheezy Bread and the addition made them better than normal cheese sticks NOT like the ones you get from Pizza Hut.
If you don’t want pizza or breadsticks Marco’s also offeres sub sandwiches and salads. I look forward to checking those out next time I rent a movie.
I think what will keep me coming back is the fact that in the future they plan to deliver your pizza with a movie if you want to rent one. I can forsee myself doing that a lot, especially on cold nights this winter.
For their full menu, check out their website by clicking here.
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