Tuesday, February 21, 2012

post #2 - Henry T's

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This week my friend and I ate at Henry T’s, and I wasn’t necessarily going to write about the food. But my experience there chose my next blog post, so here it goes.

I have eaten at Henry T's a couple times, and it's always been an all right experience, but this last time was less than all right.
First off, I ordered some guacamole because I love me some guac - unfortunately guac was not what I received. There was no cilantro and no garlic, two things I think are needed in good guacamole, and too much lime juice. This was very disappointing because I have eaten there before and everything was good, so I splurged for the large dish of the green dip, and was sorry I did.
This all being said, the taco salad, which I ordered with grilled chicken was pretty tasty. It comes with salsa and ranch for dressing, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, grilled onions and peppers, all in a huge fried tortilla shell. Just because I chose the grilled chicken doesn't mean you have to, the other choices include crispy chicken or ground beef.
My friend that came with me ordered the fried pork tender sandwich, and that thing was humungous - it wasn't your typical fried pork cutlet. It is served with your choice of a side, anywhere from French fries to mandarin oranges, to macaroni and cheese. My friend ordered the mashed potatoes and brown gravy and could only eat half of everything.
The service was friendly and timely, and I enjoyed my time there and usually do. Although the guacamole was not to my satisfaction, the other food is good. They have daily specials, and their prices are suitable for college students - plus it is right by Washburn.